In 2006 Grandmaster Shin formed the Judging committee to train and certify all Dan members to be professional, efficient and fair judges as well as provide training opportunities for scorekeepers and timekeepers.  This website is to enhance the effectiveness of all judges worldwide to provide fair, consistent and  unbiased competition. 

Certification is open to any Dan member at least 16 years old and who is in good standing with WTSDA. Cho Dan Bo members 16 years old and above may also be certified, however, they will not be permitted to judge until they become Dan members.  


Training Pages



Every championship relies upon highly effective judging teams. The certification process ensures that the judging teams have a working knowledge of the championship rules and clear understanding of the criteria for judging competitors in a fair and unbiased manner. These training materials are available to anyone interested in becoming certified as well as a refresher for certified judges. 



Scorekeepers and timekeeper are a very important member of the judging personnel. Although no certification is required, training is needed to become an efficient member of the team. Training materials are available on this website along with some handouts to practice.



Mentors are available for every region of the WTSDA to train and certify judges. In addition to the designated mentors, Chief Instructors at every WTDSA studio worldwide is able to supplement their student's training to become certified judges. The information in this website paired with in-studio practicing will aide in the student's certification process.



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